How you can maximise your marketing message reach with our special JDW 3 for 2 bundle

JDW 3 For 2 Special Bundle

Jane’s Global Media Solutions will be offering a 3 for 2 special bundle in Jane’s Defence Weekly at three major global events in the aerospace, defence and security industry next year: Sea Air and Space, Farnborough Airshow and AUSA Global.

Your advertisement will run in Jane’s Defence Weekly’s issue before the event, during the event and after the event to reach a maximum number of customers in a short time span while optimizing your marketing efforts.

This platform is the perfect opportunity for you to showcase your brand, convey a specific marketing message and drive traffic to your stand at one of these events.

These international exhibitions count with an increasing number of high-profile visitors that include Government Heads of State, Ministries and Departments of Defence, Armed Forces and senior defence industry professionals.

Jane’s Defence Weekly leverages more than 30 years’ presence and brand reputation in the aerospace, defence and security market, and specializes on providing top-quality news and intelligence catering to air, sea and land defence audiences worldwide. As a result, Jane’s has become the market-leader, achieving the highest readership levels in the publishing industry.

For more details on these three global AD&S events, please check sections below.

1. Sea Air Space, 9-11 April, US

Key Stats regarding 2017 exhibition:

  • Number of visitors & exhibitors:

- 291 exhibitors;

- 646 International military & government visitors;

- 11,070 total attendees.

  • Audience Profile - 82% of these attendees were:

- US Military;

- US Government;

- US Defense Industry;

- Government Contractors.

JDW's Publication Dates:

  • 21 March 2018
  • 28 March 2018
  • 4 April 2018

2. Farnborough International, 16-22 July, UK

Key Stats regarding 2016 exhibition:

  • Number of visitors & exhibitors:

- 1500 exhibitors from 52 countries:

- 71% of exhibitors from outside the UK.

  • Audience Profile:

- 82 of the top 100 aerospace companies have participated in FIA 2016.

JDW's Publication Dates:

4 July 2018

11 July 2018

18 July 2018

3. AUSA Global, 9-11 October, US

Key Stats regarding 2017 exhibition:

  • Number of visitors & exhibitors:

- 26,427 total attendance;

- 9,123 exhibitors;

- 17,304 attendees.

  • Audience Profile:

- 29% Senior Level Management;

- 6% International Visitors;

- Key attendees included the secretary of defence, the secretary of the army, secretary of veteran affairs, chief of staff of the US Army, secretary of the homeland security.

JDW's Publication Dates:

19 September 2018

26 September 2018

3 October 2018

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Jane's Special Bundle offer 2018
Jane's Special Bundle offer 2018

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