Why decision-makers have Jane’s magazines on their desks?

Jane's Magazines

Jane’s publications started 120 years ago, when Fred T. Jane first published the renowned 'All the World’s Fighting Ships' in 1898. Jane’s now offers five magazines specialized on providing news and high-quality intelligence to aerospace, defence, security and airport audiences worldwide.

While Jane's Defence Weekly, Jane's International Defence Review and Jane's Intelligence Review focus on the air and land defence and security industry, Jane's Navy International offers unbiased coverage of key worldwide naval operations, technology, and procurement issues affecting maritime.

These regular publications provide intelligence on the latest equipment, weaponry, technology and operating systems acquired by countries worldwide, helping support military, defence and security strategies, budgets and decision-making.

In addition to these magazines, Jane’s publishes Jane's Airport Review, a monthly publication that focuses on commercial aviation, including air traffic control issues, technology and systems used by this particular industry.


1. Content, readership levels and audience profile

The defence and security magazines focus on the three main fields of military action, specifically land, air and sea operational tactics, systems and technologies. In addition, these publications provide reliable in-depth analysis of the most global and current events and topics in the aerospace, defence and security arena.

Jane’s is proud to offer transparency to all its advertisers, by working in partnership with an independent auditing media organization, BPA worldwide, which is responsible for auditing all of Jane’s defence and airport magazines. These brand audits are conducted with the purpose of verifying the audience profile and distribution levels of each of the magazines. To access the latest brand audits of Jane’s magazines, click on the following: Jane’s Defence Weekly, Jane’s International Defence Review, Jane’s Navy International, Jane’s Intelligence Review and Jane’s Airport Review.

Some key metrics per magazine, according to BPA Worldwide brand audit reports, are the following:

Jane's Defence Weekly

Widely regarded as the most trusted and respected source for defence and security news, this global military news resource delivers impartial independent insight into developments in equipment and technology, geopolitics, armed forces, markets, and business.

Total readership per issue:

  • 135,720+ (5 readers per copy)

Audience profile:

  • 72.3% of readers are defence leaders (military, government and defence)
  • 84.9% of readers are government and armed forces

Jane’s International Defence Review

Jane’s International Defence Review offers the latest news and analysis on international defence technologies, equipment, platforms and systems for air, land, and sea. It delivers timely expert analysis of emerging defence equipment and systems.

Total readership per issue:

  • 119,358+ (6 readers per copy)

Audience profile:

  • 76.7% of readers are defence leaders (military, government and defence)
  • 89.3% of readers are government and armed forces

Jane’s Navy International

Jane’s Navy International delivers unbiased coverage of key worldwide naval operations, technology, and procurement issues affecting maritime. Covering key world naval and coast guard operations, technology and procurement issues impacting maritime security and stability. It offers impartial, independent news and daily insight.

Total readership per issue:

28,305+ (7.9 readers per copy)

Audience profile:

  • 46% are defence leaders (military, government and defence)
  • 83.6% of readers are government and armed forces

Jane's Airport Review

For almost thirty years, Jane’s Airport Review has been an essential airport industry companion, providing objective reporting on global market developments, delivered by our world-leading subject matter experts.

Total readership per issue:

70,246+ (6.2 readers per copy)

Audience profile:

  • 86.9% are senior management
  • 32.9% of readers are airport organizations

2. Jane's brand reputation

The magazines leverage a 120 year old brand reputation in the aerospace, defence and security publishing business and catering to the needs and objectives of Ministries and Departments of Defence worldwide, by providing strategic intelligence to help planning and decision-making.

As a result of the high-quality open-source intelligence of the Jane’s defence magazines, including exclusive breaking stories and analysis, updates on air, sea and land platforms and systems, emerging capabilities, weapons and technology, these publications have the highest readership levels in the industry.

Jane’s magazines are excellent advertising platforms for global brands and businesses to showcase their products or capabilities to high-profile defence audiences that include government officials, military, security forces and defence industry professionals.

3. Range of advertising spaces and type for all business objectives

Jane’s offers two types of advertising in its magazines, visual or informational advertising.

In regards to visual advertising, Jane’s Global Media Solutions offer a range of available advertising spaces according to your marketing budget and objectives to promote your brand, product, business capabilities, or even to drive traffic to your exhibition booth at one of 43 defence events planned for 2018.

As part of our advertising offering, Jane’s capability profiles consist of full-page written and visual coverage of your business capabilities, product range and branding. The capability profiles offer the chance of providing more detailed information to your customers, convincing them of your product strengths and helping them make their purchase choice. This advertising product is also an excellent mean to celebrate a special anniversary or a particular event that you want to promote.   

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Jane's Magazines
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