Top reasons why our market-leading customers choose Jane’s as an Advertising Partner

Advertising with Jane’s

Jane’s has built over the years a strong brand reputation as the leading aerospace, defence and security publisher and intelligence provider on some of the most critical matters for ministries of defence and industry-related businesses worldwide.

The defence information group has become known for its global publications consisting of monthly and weekly magazines, annual yearbooks, newsletters, information updates and special reports. In addition, the company has further evolved in recent rapidly changing conditions to incorporate defence intelligence.

Now Jane’s is not only reputed for its publications, but also for its intelligence modules, such as Jane’s Terrorism & Insurgency Centre, Jane’s Markets Forecast, Jane’s Country Risk, Jane’s GEOINT, Haystack® Gold, among other products.

Due to its high-readership levels by premium defence audiences, Jane’s has been chosen by many global brands in the air, sea and land defence industry as the preferred Advertising Partner.

Advertisers’ main objective is to take their brands globally, and because Jane’s has worldwide recognition, our publications offer the perfect opportunity to convey our customers’ marketing messages.

We looked into the top reasons why our market-leading customers choose Jane’s as their preferred Advertising Partner and after interviewing some of the most prominent global brands in the aerospace, defence and security industry, we have uncovered three main reasons:

1. Jane’s is the Market Leader in the Aerospace, Defence & Security publishing market

Our market-leading position results from 120 years’ experience of high-quality research and in-depth analysis of air, sea and land global defence open-source information by teams of experts in the field. In fact, one of Jane’s main competitive advantages lies in our senior research specialists with either military or international political backgrounds, who have dedicated their long careers to working with defence and security global data.

The values of accuracy, reliability and impartiality transversal to the publications and intelligence modules, have been the key drivers of Jane’s Information Group since its founder, Fred T. Jane, published for the first time in 1898, Jane’s Fighting Ships, a Yearbook relied on by many military decision-makers in the industry.

Our advertisers know that ministries of defence, departments of defence, military forces and industry businesses worldwide look at Jane’s publications and intelligence products when they require accurate, reliable and impartial information on air, sea and land defence and security issues. As one of our global customers explains: ‘We know that decision-makers have Jane’s magazines on their desks’ (Paul Jennison, L3 at AUSA Global).

2. Jane’s enables customers to build multi-touch marketing campaigns

Jane’s Global Media Solutions offer a wide range of advertising platforms that can be used to achieve your business objectives, such as promoting your business, product, brand, capabilities or even to drive traffic to your exhibition booth at 43 AD&S global events in 2018.

By building multi-touch marketing campaigns through Jane’s print, digital, events and high-impact advertising solutions, your brand leverages Jane’s strong reputation and brand recognition worldwide. The combination of media solutions maximizes the reach and impact of your marketing messages and helps your business build a consistent and effective marketing communications plan all year round. 

By positioning your brand on Jane’s websites, news briefs, YouTube channel, magazines, yearbooks, show dailies and high-impact solutions, you will be developing your target audience awareness of your products, building customer preference in highly competitive markets, inducing product trial and incentivizing re-purchases of your brand.

3. Jane’s is BPA certified – audience profile & readership levels

In order to assure our advertisers that Jane’s media platforms have high-readership levels and serve high-profile audiences in the aerospace, defence and security industry, Jane’s Global Media Solutions work with an independent media auditing organization – BPA Worldwide. BPA conducts regular brand audits on all Jane’s magazines, websites, news briefs and show dailies every six months. 

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